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Collage CMEN 2001

Collage CMEN 2002

Collage GNI 2002

CMEN 2001

CMEN 2002

GNI 2002

"Hey there, boys and girls... let's have a penis contest!"

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It's a simple idea. All you need is a setting where lots of people see lots of penises. At a gay naked gathering, you can see everyone's penis. Some of them you're going to like a lot; some you're going to like not so much. Why not find out if anyone else agrees with your tastes?

And thus was the Prettiest Penis™ contest born!

Everyone at the gathering gets a strip of ten stickers. During the gathering, campers give someone one of their stickers if they think that guy's penis is pretty. At the end of the gathering, the guy with the most stickers (from the largest number of different campers) wins a prize! We've put together photos of the winners from three of the contests, and you can see them by clicking on the collages above.

Actually, I always award prizes (specially made "Prettiest Penis" blue ribbons) to the top ten winners. That way you spread the good feeling around and cut down on the feeling of competition (which with a few contestants might get intense).


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